Apparently Pat O'Brien Reads this Blog

You'll recall that a while back I lamented the poor career choices made by Pat O'Brien throughout his career and wished, well, to quote myself:
But seriously, nobody's ever done the Olympics or NCAAs better than O'Brien, and I just wish he'd realize that (and also what an embarrassment "entertainment journalism" is...) and get back to actually being really, really good at something.
So apparently he was paying attention. Kind of. O'Brien is back hosting the Olympics for NBC, though after that he will still start his sure-to-be-awful show, "The Insider" ("more newsy, unpredictable, with longer interviews" than "Access Hollywood", which means that interviews could stretch to 21 seconds even).

And in a further you-can't-make-this-shit-up twise, NBC was at one point suing O'Brien to prevent him from plugging "The Insider" during his 170 hours of anchor-desking.

These freakin' people (i.e., the media in all its hideousness) make me sick.

Also - turns out O'Brien went to SAIS and got a graduate degree there in international economics.

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