-The rather underwhelming conclusion to Salon's two-parter on social networking software. Disappointing, especially considering Salon's general excellence in technology reporting, and Andrew Leonard's specifically. Still, read it, because it's much better than the pap that Newsweek or Time has been peddling (duh).

-C-Dog's interview with Dan Rather on this Sunday's "60 Minutes" is apparently a can't-miss event.

-Pat O'Brien is leaving "Access Hollywood." But wait - this is not the good news it would seem, sportsfans. No, the almost singularly talented and unpretentious former big-event-sports-deskman is NOT returning to the glorious and respectable side of the entertainment industry (i.e., sports), but rather:

O'Brien won't be off the air for long.

The former CBS sportscaster and co-host of the Paramount Television program "Entertainment Tonight" is in final negotiations to host "The Insider," a new Paramount entertainment show, according to several trade publications.

AGGGHHH....this means that I'm going to be stuck with Jim Nantz' sentimental, pretentious ass for every NCAA tourney until I'm forty, doesn't it? I mean, I can tolerate Costas at the Olympics, as the event by its nature lends itself to touching human-interest stories. But seriously, nobody's ever done the Olympics or NCAAs better than O'Brien, and I just wish he'd realize that (and also what an embarrassment "entertainment journalism" is...and you'd think he probably dates much cuter women than a short guy with a mustache, glasses and slicked-back hair would date otherwise, but he's actually been married for 31 years, so...wel, that's no guarantee, but that's a long time) and get back to actually being really, really good at something. Is all.

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