Much Respect, Citigroup

Because it's important to note when the modern world and its many conveniences actually work - i.e., when the conveniences are actually convenient - I think it's worth noting that I just had perhaps my greatest customer-service experience, ever.

I no longer use my CitiCard, so when a charge showed up in my last billing cycle - $3.55 at an Au Bon Pain in Boston - I knew it was, well, fraud. So I called up the customer service number - keyed in my account number - password - and was immediately connected with a customer service representative (who actually sounded like he was somewhere on the North American continent). I reported that I was pretty sure my last transaction - gave the transaction number - was fraudulent, as I hadn't been in Boston since last fall. He asked if I loaned the card to anyone - no - and then said, okay, we're going to credit your account. I asked if there were any other transactions since - nope - okay, have a good weekend, man. Bing, bang, boop. 2:54 of talk time and my problem's taken care of.

So, CitiGroup, big ups to y'all. For today at least, I don't care that you launder and profit from drug money.

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