DorkOut v.4.2: New Software That is Exremely Exciting to JKD

And so it is decreed: use Flock for all of your Internetty goodness. Now.

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Firefox. It’s just that Flock is, well…Firefox, plus even more neat stuff (e.g., integrated RSS, better in-browser blogging, integrated del.icio.us functionality, half a dozen other things). This is going to keep happening, and happening more and more and more, with all these open-source apps: good code gets improved upon in weeks and months, and sometimes it’s a new release (1.06, 1.2, etc.) of an existing program, and sometimes it’s a new app, and then you switch back to another, etc. Swap bookmarks, spend the 20 seconds setting up the new interfaces with del.icio.us and Blogger and WordPress and Flickr and you’re good to go. Highly exciting – or, as the kids say – w00t!

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