Burberry Caps and Newcastle Cans

From the Guardian:

“Tony Blair's ministers distanced themselves yesterday from a scheme to prevent passengers drinking alcohol on trains, buses and planes after police, train companies and rival politicians poured scorn on the proposal.
Faced with a leaked paper from last month's brainstorming session with No 10's "respect" team at Chequers, the Home Office confirmed that a ban - which could include domestic flights - was one of a range of proposals being considered. "Nothing has been ruled in or out at this stage. A paper will be published shortly outlining our proposals," a statement said.
In reality the proposal, opposed by John Prescott, is highly unlikely to feature in the forthcoming safer communities bill, which seeks to nurture better behaviour on troubled estates and the wider public space, threatened by yobbery especially at weekends.” [emphasis added]

The British make me laugh – really, yobbery? That’s hilarious.
But I’m glad for the apparently cool reception for this idea, as I do enjoy being a scumbag and drinking a can or three on the train when in London.

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