This Land is Your Land

From an article in Salon by Bill Moyers:

Go to the Web site of an organization called America 21. There, on a red, white and blue home page is praise for President Bush's agenda -- including his effort to phase out Social Security and protect corporations from lawsuits by aggrieved citizens. On the same home page is a call to "Enlist now," with a reminder that "there are [X] hours until our next National Election." There's also a summons to Christian pastors "to lead God's people in the turning that can save America from our enemies." Under the headline "Remember -- Repent -- Return" is language reminiscent of Robertson and Falwell: "One of the unmistakable lessons [of 9/11] is that America has lost the full measure of God's hedge of protection. When we ask ourselves why, the scriptures remind us that ancient Israel was invaded by its foreign enemy, Babylon, in 586 B.C. ... [and] Jerusalem was destroyed by another invading foreign power in 70 A.D. ... Psalm 106:37 says that these judgments of God ... were because of Israel's idolatry. Israel, the apple of God's eye, was destroyed ... because the people failed ... to repent." If America is to avoid a similar fate, the warning continues, we must "remember the legacy of our heritage under God and our covenant with Him and, in the words of II Chronicles 7:14: 'Turn from our wicked ways.'"

I’m sorry, I don’t really remember the passage in the Bible where God forms a covenant with America. Maybe it’s in the New Testament somewhere? I haven’t read all of that, I’ll admit.

The idea that America is God's New Israel is not in the New Testament (Surprise!), but it is the result of the way certain Christians read the Old Testament.

Instead of seeing the Hebrew Scriptures as a text of and for a particular people in a particular time and place, they think the only reason it exists is to help explain the NT. Forget the Jews, it's all about them.

Combine that attitude with the bad craziness of trying to find prophetic connections to current events, and it's not that hard to see how people can convince themselves that they're the people the OT is talking about.
You think it's biblically bad being an American? You want to try being a bastard. Maybe US of A bastards are exempt from this, but we can't enter an association of the Lord. And we're stuck with Ammonites, Moabites and those who have had thier members or testicles crushed or cut off. The Sunday football league will be so boring. Not least because I suppose the eunuchs will keep losing their balls.

Keep up the attitude.
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