The Future, Stupidly

This is a great idea:
SanDisk Corp., the Sunnyvale maker of flash-memory cards used to store photos and other digital files, on Tuesday introduced a new line of cards the company hopes will become the next-generation successor to records, cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs.
SanDisk also announced its first big client -- the Rolling Stones, who plan to release a version of the album "A Bigger Band'' prerecorded on the thumbnail-sized Gruvi brand microSD card. The miniature cards can be played on devices like cell phones, computers and portable media players.


The $39.95 Rolling Stones card, due out in November, will include extra songs from the band's catalog that can be accessed for an extra fee. [emphasis added]


All of the songs stored on the card will be protected from unlicensed copying using new SanDisk technology called TrustedFlash, which the company believes will help it gain the trust of pirate-wary record labels and movie studios.

Yeah. Good luck with that. Lessee…paying three times as much…for an album for which you could just buy the CD of and rip it to your computer, MP3 player, etc….and now you “can’t” (what’s the over-under on cracking TrustedFlash? I give it…96 hrs. from release) multi-use the files?

Yeah. Something like this will be the future, no doubt. Just…not as stupid.

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