Watch the Possessive Pronoun

You know what I like? [Note: what follows is not actually something I like] How Don Rumsfeld is a flaming asshole even when he's doing the right thing:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration swiftly distanced itself Tuesday from a suggestion by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson that American agents should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, long at odds with U.S. foreign policy.

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, appearing at a Pentagon news conference, said when asked: ``Our department doesn't do that kind of thing. It's against the law. He's a private citizen. Private citizens say all kinds of things all the time.''

Our department. He didn't say "the United States," or "the United States government." No. He said "our department" - meaning, the Department of Defense. You could almost see the thought bubble - "That's [CIA Director] Porter [Goss]'s job."

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