Digby, as usual, gets it right
"They have, after all, already demonstrated that they are entirely hueristic decisionmakers who are discontented with the direction the country is going but can't rationally put that together with who is in charge.


The Republicans are not fucking around here. They are building an impermeable, corrupt political machine made up of cronies, employees and hangers-on the likes of which we haven't seen since the 19th century. They are court-packing, gerrymandering, impeaching and recalling --- not to mention electronically stuffing ballot boxes and throwing disputed elections to their handpicked Supreme Court judges. They control the DC lobbying process and own a rather large piece of the media landscape. They are not building their "permanent majority" through a civil, democratic process."

That's right. They're installing themselves in power by any means necessary, and in the process are barricading any possible escape routes - e.g., a populace with tools of critical thinking. They want to create a nation that has basically no idea what's going on, and to the extent things are suboptimal, it's the fault of Emmanuel Goldstein/the Democrat Party, just because it is.

On the plus side...um, no, not really anything, no.

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