Creationism Redux
At first glance, with its research-quality replicas and lush dioramas of prehistoric Earth, the Museum of Earth History, which opened in April in this spa town, may seem like any other facility devoted to dinosaurs and fossils. But, with exhibits aligned with the Bible's six days of creation, it is also emblematic of the increasing volume in the national debate over how evolution should be taught in public schools and the emboldening of those who oppose or question evolution.


Finishing the tour with their two sons in tow, Robert and Debbie Archer, surgeons from Tulsa, said they were gratified to visit a museum that reflects their beliefs and not Darwin's.

That is why he developed the museum, said G. Thomas Sharp, founder and chairman of the Creation Truth Foundation.


Such literal interpretation is essential, Sharp said, because "If we lose Genesis as a legitimate scientific and historical explanation for man, then we lose the validity of Christianity. Period."

then we lose the validity of Christianity. Period.

No, you don't. You lose the validity of Christianity when it ceases to function as anything but dogma without introspection or love.

These people are idiots, plain and simple, apparently unaware that they are merely pawns in a brilliantly orchestrated ploy by certain factions to gain and retain power in the U.S.

Arthur C. Clarke wrote a truly amazing story about reconciling faith and fact, called "The Star," which everyone should read.
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