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As noted recently, most of my writing energy, right now, is going into another venue. That's cool. But I feel bad for neglecting JKDickel, like that nice kid that you just can't seem to hang out with enough, and then one day you realize it's been, like, a year since you've seen them, and you haven't returned like three phone calls, and jeez are you a dick, so I'm going to put at least one piece of content up here every day, starting today. More or less.

So, here's Cory Doctorow's succinct, excellent description of an damn cool new conception of intellectual property - and it's his:
This book is the first novel to employ the new Creative Commons Developing Nations License. That's a license that lets anyone living in a country that's not on the World Bank's list of high-income countries treat the book as if it were in the public domain. If you live in a developing nation, you can print your own editions of this book and sell them, you can make your own movies, radio plays, translations and whatever else you can think of, charge whatever the traffic will bear for them, and never give me a penny or ask my permission (though I hope you'll drop me a line and let me know what you're up to so I can keep up on the book's spread!). The only limitation on this right is that you may only export your works to other developing nations: the rich nations where my paying customers live are strictly off-limits.

Pretty cool.

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