Thank Freakin' Gawd

Look, I know there are far more important things going on in the world, but this makes me fucking happy:
NEW YORK -- Fox has removed one of the biggest mysteries of its fall schedule announcement, saying it has renewed the Emmy-winning comedy "Arrested Development" for a third season.
"Arrested Development" is by far the funniest thing on television, and is one of the most profoundly subversive entertainments to come along in a long time. They are willing to break every single taboo, to do anything for a laugh and still are able to keep a core of essential goodness on a show full of bizarre, flawed humans. They're able to do so because they're willing to acknowledge the central terrible and wonderful truth about humans: we are ALL bizarre and flawed. People aren't ever "basically happy" or "good" or "bad" - we're all confronted with a million strange desires and thoughts every day. Some act, for good or bad; some suppress, for good or bad. We all lie to ourselves about these strange desires and thoughts - some lies are useful, some are counter-productive, some are neutral. But everybody has a secret inner life that they are not willing to share entirely with the world. The genius of "Arrested Development" is the way in which its characters turn so much of that inner life out.

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