Pop Cultural/Cognitive Dissonance

The title of Thomas Boswell's column this morning in the WaPo - Thomas Boswell, been writing for the Post for 30+ years, is my parents' age, etc. - "No Alarms and No Surprises."

Look, I understand that writers don't do their own headlines (to my own disappointment, else we'd have actually published the greatest headline ever, "Field Hockey Goes Down but not Out"), and that the writer of the headline itself was probably someone who's been waiting for years to pin a Radiohead lyric onto a sports story (I would be, at any rate) - but it's still weird.

In other news, it looks like Marburg might finally be under control:

The Marburg virus outbreak in Angola is being brought under control, the U.N. health agency indicated Saturday.

The agency reports the number of new cases has dropped to 15 from 35 per week during the height of the outbreak.

The Marburg virus, which is closely related to the Ebola virus has caused hemorrhagic fever in 266 people and killed 244 of them since March.

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