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While everyone is looking the other way, or (as usual for most) not looking at all, the Republican Party is finding some old-time religion. No, it's not the Hating Gays Amendment, or anything to do with abortion - I'm talking about the real religion of the elected Republican Party, and that's greed. The Rude Pundit puts it best:
The bankruptcy bill is class warfare in its purest form: it states that the poor and middle class are bad and that the rich are good. And maybe it's time to start considering how we respond to such blatant, intentionally barbarous acts by those in power.
I'd submit that it's long past time. The Rude Pundit's further suggestion that,
MBNA, Capitol One, Citibank, all of those wads of fuck, are depraved assholes who prey on the innocent and desperate. They are filled with criminals who should be the first rich ones to be eaten when the time comes.
is tempting, but the time has not come, quite yet. Thank God.

This bill is going to destroy people, pure and simple, destroy hard-working Americans who happen to have a husband killed in Iraq or a wife with cervical cancer. Or who're just down on their luck. No second chances. Count the names on the wall, on this one, because it's a bright-line test of whether your favorite elected representative is a human or a whorish ghoul. Things aren't looking so good for Joe Biden on that front, not that I'm ultimately very surprised by that fact.

Look, crackerjacks, Paul Wellstone knew where these people stood, and he called them out for the greedheads that they are. Don't get me wrong - almost all the Democrats are on the right side of this bill. They're just not yelling about it, and yelling is what they should be doing. Who the fuck cares if Cal Thomas calls you shrill? He's gonna do it anyways - howzabout screaming at the top of your lungs the obvious truth that most Americans know already, but for some reason, sometimes forget -

And we don't. We like them, and we want them to have a fair shot, because they work hard, and deserve a chance to succeed. However, it's tough for that to happen when Republicans are in power because

I know you guys know this, but don't be shy about pointing it out. This bankruptcy bill, in particular, is yet another piece of evidence that

Why do poor people hate America?
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