Not Getting It

John Kerry still doesn't understand:
Kerry considers himself to be a national-security-oriented Democrat—Holbrooke, too, puts him in that camp—and appeared to take no particular offense at Biden’s criticisms. “I’m not going to dissect the campaign,” he said. But he seemed displeased when I asked whether the Democrats had a credibility problem on defense issues, and he finally said, “Look, the answer is, we have to do an unbranding.” By this he meant that the Democrats had to do a better job of selling to the American people what he believes is already true—that the Democrats are every bit as serious on the issue as Republicans. “We have to brand more effectively. It’s marketing.”
It's marketing.

No, it's not. John Kerry lost because he doesn't stand for anything, and people saw right through that. They saw right through that to the "D" after his name, and you know what? The Democratic Party doesn't stand for anything right now.

A lot of people who voted for George W. Bush didn't agree with him on a whole range of issues, but they knew where he stood (or thought they did; for our purposes, it doesn't matter). Enough people didn't vote for John Kerry - choosing instead to vote for the least popular president in history - because they had no idea what he stood for.

It's not fucking marketing. It's called "belief."

Yeah, it's really hard to market cow dung as a facial scrub. Because when people put it on their face and it looks like poo, smells like poo, and they see the cow from which it came...well they just don't buy that it's organic facial scrub. You cannot market something that has no substance or is just a blatant lie (or rather, it's a thousand times harder). Let's work on not being poo. Then we'll worry about selling people on that fact.
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