New Tactic - "You Don't Exist"

The next time you're in an argument with an intractable conservative, who spouts Fox talking points like a mother bird feeding her young, take a different tack. Say, "You don't exist." This will baffle them, and probably shut them up, at least temporarily. At the most, they'll say, "What the hell-", but this still gives you an opening. Begin talking about art. Or music. Art is best, though. Not because it's liberal elitist blah blah - because it's beautiful.

Feel free to remind them as many times as is necessary that art is beautiful, to keep talking about art, and, if they continue not to understand, that they don't exist.

This will infuriate them. Or it will result in a good conversation about art. Either is better than the alternative (i.e., your being infuriated).

It doesn't matter how much you know about art. I guarantee you know enough - you know enough, you know what you like. Talk about it.

This is really not so difficult. Try it out!

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