Thanks, but NOW?!?

via Tapped, I read the following lede in an article in The Hill:
Outgoing Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe has given the House and Senate political committees access to “Demzilla,” the massive computer voter database that has brought the DNC closer to information parity with the Republicans.
Over the last half year or so, I have at many points found myself in the previously-unimaginable position of defending Terry Mac, and his tenure as DNC Chair. I won't get into that whole spiel now - short version, he did a great job raising money, putting together the aforementioned database, and giving candidates a high degree of freedom in setting their own messages - but Jesus Christo, he's only passing around this information now?!? Wasn't there an election or something recently where this information might've been, um, useful?

Just sayin' is all.

Promise I'll try and stop talking about politics, but damn...

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