As background to this post, understand that at this hour it appears Howard Dean is, basically, a lock for DNC Chair, Martin Frost having dropped out earlier today and more or less conceded to Dean.

I've had trouble figuring out the right tone for this post, but here goes: to anyone out there who's saying that that Howard Dean will "destroy" the Democratic Party, or who has "grave concerns" about "what might happen," or some similarly-phrased tut-tutting, please feel free to try and shut the fuck up. I'm going to go slowly and use small words, to best encourage understanding.
Kindly, kindly, tell me how things can really get worse, and how Tim Roemer was going to keep those things from happening.

Moving on - tomorrow, more about robots.

> I dare even you, nerdo, to name the chair who preceded McAuliffe

General Chair or National Chair?
My guess...without the aid of google is: Joe Andrews. I believe from Indiana. Before that, again without aid of google, was Ron Brown?
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