'Kay, so apparently my readership is more than the half-dozen of you; I got the following comment (since hidden by moi) on "Permanently Screwed":
funny how i can say the same thing; onLy because i dated an aRab and one of my close aRab guy fRiend said deep down they really CAN'T be trusted.
Riiiight...so, clearly, this isn't that kind of party.

That aside, it is pretty impressive how the poster makes such efficient use of not one but two age-old cover tools of bigots in the space of one sentence - both "Some of my best friends are black/gay/aRab/etc...." AND the infinitely esteemable tactic of "My asshole ex was a ____ and he was an asshole so all ____s are assholes."

It's incredibly efficient racist crap. I do wonder if it's intentional, because of that. But either way, I'm impressed.
Wait, I don't get the upper-case "R" thing...are they trying to stress the "A" in Arab, as is the common bigoted approach? If so, I would probably write it something like A-rab. I dunno, that's just me...
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