Breathin' Fire

As the absurdity of the present has continued to increase, the sharpest minds around have somehow found ways to offer ever-sharper, more insightful, and more devastating analyses.
I'm glad that as our society is led to the gallows, there are at least a few people out there who see the hangman's noose for what it is.

Also, read this again.

I really wish the "blogosphere" were a high school, so Juan Cole and Jonah could fight after classes. And we could all gather round and shout "Fight! Fight!" That'd be swell. Oh and in this odd fantasy...Jonah Goldberg has a tag team partner and it's Bill Lascher.
Well, if the blogosphere were a high school, Juan and Jonah wouldn't really fight - they'd be on the debate team, and Juan would challenge Jonah to a debate, and Jonah would beg off, schmuckily. Just like in the real blogosphere...because, really, it IS a lot like high school.
When will Bill Lascher receive his.
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