Apples and Windows

Good piece at Salon from earlier in the week on the invigorated Apple Computer. One passage in particular, got me back to dreaming:
Does Hertzfeld have any real hope that Apple, which guards its code just as closely as Microsoft holds Windows, may go the free software route? "I don't predict they will," he says, "but I don't predict they won't, either. They're smart people." What he means is that they may eventually see that it's in their interest to do so.
I've always hoped that, one year, no leaks beforehand or nuthin', Steve Jobs gets up at Macworld and announces that the MacOS has been ported to run on Windows machines, with heretofore unimagined cross-platform application hosting (i.e., it plays Windows games). And that they're making it open-source. And free.
To be sure, that would shake some shit up. But given how undeniably better their suite of home digital software - iTunes, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie - are than Microsoft's crap, that's a plan so crazy it might work.
Aw, shaddup and leave a man with his dreams.

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