Sports! Robots!

The WaPo provides linked-ness, this morning:

okay, seriously? killer-fucking-robots? i'm glad to see that the army's decided it's time to live in the future. but shouldn't these things look a little better? and what happens when one of them breaks down in the field and is captured? i mean, i guess you'd have the same problem with a dead soldier dropping their weapon, and maybe The Enemy can do less with a captured robot-machine gun as opposed to a captured hu-man machine gun, but still.

i guess at the end it's no different from using remote control gliders to bomb enemy encampments/schools without endangering pilot's lives, it's just a bit farther down that slippery slope. oh well, start the countdown to robots with guns, rockets and and an option for exposed radiation to sterilize anyone it's fighting against who doesn't get shot. ooh! and a spoiler, spinners, and some friggin' hot neon piping.
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