Shrum Retiring; NYT Too Generous

How so? In describing his record as "mixed"? No - here:
If he had stuck with Jimmy Carter in 1976, he would have had one victory under his belt. But he grew disenchanted with Mr. Carter and quit just nine days after joining his campaign.
That's really underestimating Shrum's unGolden touch - it's entirely possible that had he stuck with Carter, Jimmah would still be making mortgage payments on the peanut farm and not answering to "President."

JKD, this is Tom O -- Jake sent me your link. As much as I like to make fun of Shrum, after all I work for Lockhart and he came in and cleaned up Shrum's mess as best he could -- he does have an impressive senate race record, and even in red states (I'm thinking nelson in florida and edwards in nc, among many others). Which is more than we could probably say for your old boss mr. dean.... hahahaha, when are we going to get fucked up? call me bitch
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