Eric Alterman can be annoying, can be self-righteous, can be annoyingly self-righteous. Especially when he talks about Israel.

But the man is pretty perceptive, a great writer, and sometimes just hits on things with bell-ringing clarity:
One weakness of liberals is our inability to credit right-wingers with a sufficient degree of malevolence.
This is a mistake I used to make, but no longer. Time and again, the most paranoid conspiracy theories - the scenarios that assume the absolute worst imaginable from this junta - have proven, a few years, months, or weeks later, to be not just true but in fact woefully inadequate in describing the true awfulness of these people and their actions.

Please remember, as a starting point, that this administration had a chance, in 2002, to take out Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi - currently chief terrorist and organizer of terrorists in Iraq, killer of hundreds [each] of American soldiers, Iraqi civilians, Iraqi police, Iraqi security forces - but did not, as it would have undermined the case for war with Iraq.

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