Long-time readers of this blog (both of you) will know already that I'm a big fan of Joel Achenbach. Which is why I was very excited last week when I found out that he now has a blog, chat and column, all of which debuted in the last few weeks.

I was, however, dismayed by his column Sunday (linked above), and told him so in no uncertain terms. He was gracious and wrote back addressing my concerns - as he had done the one other time I had written him, worked up in a fine lather over somesuch thing. But, read the column for yourselves, and see what you think.

Could we have a moritorium on stupid Red vs. Blue articles? Please. Really. I spent last Saturday in my sweat pants watching football. I stopped for a while to get a beer and make what I found to be delicious stuffed mushrooms. So was I a blue stater or a red stater. NEITHER. People are more than geography, preference and acquisitions.
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