Tony Williams is a Crybaby

Quoth Tony (via ESPN):

WASHINGTON -- The deal to bring Major League Baseball back to Washington, D.C, was described by Mayor Anthony Williams as close to dead on Wednesday after the City Council changed the plan to require private financing.

"I believe the deal is broken. The dream is now close to dying," he said. "We're in great jeopardy here, and I think I'm being optimistic."

Shut yer pie hole, Tony. Quit crying and - if you really believe that baseball is good for D.C. - do something about it. Or not - in the words of someone I know in D.C. politics, "the mayor couldn't sell a bottle of whiskey to an alcoholic."

A previous WaPo story on the whole baseball affair, a few weeks back, said:

"At his press conference, the mayor said he is upset because it appears that the city does not want to honor the commitment he made to Major League Baseball."
Really, this guy is just pathetic - the mayor of self-pity. So long as milquetoast incompetents like him are running the scene, D.C. will never get taken seriously in its bid for Congressional representation (and this is said by someone who is entirely in support of full representation).

Then again, as long as the GOP is in power, residents of the District of Columbia have a lot bigger things to be worried about than having a voice in Congress.

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