I spent much of this afternoon and evening looking for a product that, apparently, does not exist. This has happened before. This time, it's a vinyl roll-up Scrabble board - I swear I've in fact used one of these, but that seems very unlikely - they were never commercially produced, and near as I can tell, there was ONE guy who custom-made them - and his website no longer works (my guess is that Hasbro shut his ass down). So, if any of y'all could help and actually find me one of these shits, I would love you forever; as is, I'm perilously close to getting the travel folio Scrabble (though my made-up roll-up vinyl board would be much better).

I'm not sure if this helps or not but i SWEAR i've used one of these things before. Much like the vinyl roll up chess boards that are mass prodcued. i've had one of these wipped out on me before. But maybe it was in Europe....
See, that's the whole problem, JB - I, too, SWEAR I've used one. But, apparently not.

"Can I get some of that beer with the candy floating in it - you know, Skittlebrau?"
"Mr. Homer, such a product does not exist. I think you must have dreamed it."
"Oh, okay. Then can I have a six-pack of Duff some Skittles?"
This is the best tile-laden word game to come along since Scrabble. And it's highly portable. And British. No vinyl board necessary.
Jen, that's a v. dirty name for a game.

Also, I don't games that involve things being timed. Tetris is the one exception, kind of - but I HATE Boggle. Though I do like Set, so maybe I'd like Snatch. Probably only if I was good at it, actually.
ah, but jkd--

there is no time limit in snatch. you just get to make other people feel stupid by being smarter and better than them.
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