JKD is "

Via ABJ, a wonderful site, Googlism. I'd say it gets me pretty right:
jkd is the martial art created by bruce lee
jkd is based on three main principles
jkd is a relatively new form of self defense developed by bob chapman and greg richter
jkd is to end the fight as soon as possible with efficient effective techniques
jkd is your answer
jkd is truly about
jkd is unbound; jkd is freedom
jkd is the martial art founded by bruce lee
jkd is supposed to be
jkd is a martial art which liberates us from the classical bondage
jkd is an iceberg
jkd is the only non classical gung fu system in existence today
jkd is difficult for many to grasp if it is taught in a manner shrouded in mystery
jkd is self discovery
jkd is what we call jun fan boxing
jkd is wing chun gung fu
jkd is not an organization or an institution to which one can belong
jkd is nameless
jkd is or should be
jkd is technically not a martial art
jkd is cross training to defend oneself against skilled opponents
jkd is separate from the others because the training is primarily based on empty hand self
jkd is the most complete fighting system
jkd is a well
jkd is a leading full service new media uk agency providing communications technology solutions
jkd is referred to as "concepts"
jkd is that fighters prepare to battle opponents trained in absolutely any martial arts system; therefore
jkd is an award winning uk
jkd is primarily a stand up art
jkd is about "best options" in worst case scenarios
jkd is a direct intuition of this unity
jkd is a method that bruce taught to all of his students including dan
jkd is much more efficient in this situation
jkd is a collection of many martial arts and has been added to and ruined
jkd is not confined by any kind of martial arts
jkd is not like other martial arts
jkd is superior to another
jkd is not simply a matter of joining this organization or that one
jkd is a hybrid art neither asian or western
jkd is by far the best concept of fighting ive trained in view only responses to this comment
jkd is to be able to be proficient in all ranges
jkd is short for jeet kune do
jkd is a non
jkd is 1964
jkd is paul vunak teaches jkd to navy seals as a part of their hand
jkd is supposed to be about
jkd is continually evolving and adapting
jkd is correct
jkd is all about
jkd is"
jkd is used as a mirror for self
jkd is like putting together a large puzzle
jkd is not a sport
jkd is outside of all particular structures and distinct styles
jkd is taught to the elite us navy seals
jkd is to free oneself from the ego
jkd is
jkd is an interpretative art
jkd is one of the only successful formula's in the ring besides bjj
jkd is the science of streetfighting and teaches the student to develop the necessary attributes required to survive a violent encounter
jkd is an art for all ages and all people because the student is urged to adopt the training methods that will help them improve
jkd is that the student learns to understand and respect other cultures
jkd is like dna
jkd is highly regarded as one of the most effective modern self defense concepts
jkd is not to master certain techniques
jkd is a process not a product
jkd is like kickboxing in some ways and yet much more
jkd is an art for all ages and all people because the student is urged to adopt the training methods that will help them
jkd is your own personal expression of the martial arts
jkd is about being a functional fighter in all the ranges
jkd is headed by sifu/ guro christopher clarke
jkd is a good martial art and has some science but is seriously lacking when it comes to total fighting and consistent principles which work regardless of the
jkd is not about the product
jkd is french fencing
jkd is direct coupled and designed for material handling from 1
jkd is based on that theory; that's old news that has been around for many

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