Etymology and ESPN

Okay, so I was thinkin' - why is Chris Berman called "Boomer"? Because of his voice, right? Big voice, "Boomer," makes sense, right? Well what if that wasn't the reason - what if it was something a lot funnier - say, something, um, sexual? 'Cause that would be funny. But we don't really know.

Still, something to think about - think about how people you know get their nicknames, then think about public figures with nicknames - most likely, it was something they did when they were drunk.

Also, there was just this great commercial for CNN - a guy is talking on the phone, and Anderson Cooper is sitting in his office telling him the news, while he carries on this conversation with his wife/girlfriend/whatever. Anderson keeps getting up to leave, the guy keeps pantomiming for him to stay. He signs off by saying "I love you," and Anderson gets up to leave - the guy says, "Come back, Anderson - I wasn't saying 'I love you' to you". This commercial gets funnier the more you know about Anderson Cooper.

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