Oh yeah, now, in addition to the most storied history of any franchise, you also have on your resume the ABSOLUTE WORST CHOKE IN THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

Fuck you Jeffrey Maier, wherever you are. You, too, can suck it.

Yeah, you know who else sucks? The fucking loser Orioles.
Y'know, Anonymous, I understand this must be a tough time for you, so after misconstruing my words (I didn't say the Yankees suck - I said they can suck IT, and I stand by my words - YANKEES CAN SUCK IT), you feel the need to attack my poor, mediocre Orioles. Who are fast becoming not-so-mediocre, and will provide a serious challenge to the Yankees for second place in the AL East next year, what with having a young, exciting team of non-cheaters.
Poor, poor, Anonymous. So...little pity I feel for your pain.
feeling a bit flustered there?
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