Fat and Stuff

I was just watching...yes...Fox News, and they had a feature on Blue Cross/Blue Shield North Carolina's beginning to cover treatments for obesity. The two talking heads were the head of BCBSNC and Paul Campos, author of "The Obesity Myth."
The weird thing is that the corporate talking head made a lot of sense, and Campos came off looking like some crank. Searching around a little, it seems he's not really totally nuts, and makes a lot of good points about the bizarre push-pull of American culture deciding that, in a country full of fat people, anyone not skinny as a rail is overweight.
But really, I kinda ended up siding with the BCBS guy - for one, you'd figure that an extra area of treatment that an insurance company voluntarily begins, is prolly gonna save them some money. And for another, he talked a lot about promoting healthier lifestyles and taking preventative measures.
Campos did make some good points, but the fact remains that a lot of people in this country - a LOT - are REALLY FUCKING FAT. And this is a problem. And we shouldn't not discuss it - we should discuss it, and also discuss the aforementioned national psychosis over body image - but he's not talking about it in useful ways.

The thing is, Campos really is ... wait for it ... A Fucking Crank. Yes, there is the bizzare culture of anorexia we have here in the US, but more crucial is the culture of unhealthyness we have. This is a fascinating bit (that I was gonna blog myself, and may yet, but not today): http://www.nytimes.com/2004/10/17/magazine/17EATING.html?pagewanted=print&position
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