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I just saw i {heart} huckabee's. Me - I really liked it. I understand that some people might/may not, but I really did. What I took away from it was, "However you get there, it's best when people are decent to each other, and that's possible." Which is not profound, but is, I think, a lot more difficult to convey and less hackneyed than it sounds at first.
I would certainly encourage people to see the film. David O. Russell is a first-rate talent as a director, and though he's apparently an apeshit-insane-asshole (there was an NYT profile of the making of the film a month or so back; can't find the link, lemme know if anyone can) when making a film, he did manage to get really terrific performances out of a cast of very good actors.
Anyhow, it was thoroughly absorbing and got me out of the "8-Days-Oh-My-God-Just-Let-it-Be-Over" for a while, which is good.
Oh, and if you want to reach near-homicidal levels of rage, read this (or, really, anything that Jodi writes, but this especially). Otherwise stay far, far away.

While most of the article could be described as 'truly maddening' I would like to stand up for the South Side and point out that the South Shore Cultural Club which she has booked for the big day is awesome and a few blocks from my house. Late night renditions of the Electric Slide were a staple of our high school Winter Dances. I wish Jodi the best.
to recap...

someone is willingly placing their naked body next to Jodi's. On purpose. Not for NY Times fear factor, or who wants to seduce a troll...but for real. Strange, that.
Hey, be fair - she does say that she lost 25 lbs.
What's more perplexing is why anyone would want to spend the rest of their life with an awful, petty bitch of a woman.
i think it's important to expose the truth, but what are we exposing here? knowing the pettiness of one woman's heart is not what i need to know to survive in this joint. i need to know why the fuck this is happening:

At the request of the CIA, the Justice Department drafted a confidential memo that authorizes the agency to transfer detainees out of Iraq for interrogation -- a practice that international legal specialists say contravenes the Geneva Conventions. --WaPo
I'm not commenting on her appearance. I'm commenting on her hatefilled approach to life. This is a person who was rude to Harvard. Someone has actively and consciously chosen to pick, from all the women and other sentintient beings in the world Jodi--and I just wonder why. I'm glad that she and he have found one another--everyone deserves the right to love and be loved. I'm just saying I don't know how you'd begin to start with her.
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