Assignment for the Day

This is important:

-Watch Eminem's new video, "Mosh." I'm serious about this - watch it. This may be very important. It's also kind of exciting.

-Go to MTV.com and vote for it to appear on TRL; note that it isn't listed, so you'll have to write it in. Perhaps let MTV know what you think of cowards, as well.

(Thanks to the Pandagon boys, from whom I more or less stole this post).

UPDATE: Well, it worked; "Mosh" made it onto TRL, and now is a radio-button option, so go back as often as you like and vote for it again.
Also, someone who works for Eminem is smart, and was monitoring the blogosphere today - notice that at MyDD.com there is an ad for the video, and a link to the corporate site, which shows a higher-quality version of the video, and won't go down from too-heavy traffic (also, it's nice that they're providing an alternative to the nice citizen whose bandwidth for the day prolly cost him a pretty penny).

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