Had I but thought to announce, "I Shall Return" prior to my departure, this would be my MacArthur Moment. Except I wasn't really forced out of Cabin John by the forces of the Japanese Emperor, and, well...this is...what, maybe my MacArthur Park moment.
No link there, folks. You've gotta get that bad joke yourselves.

Of varying degrees of interest:

-Hawai'i, shockingly does...not suck.
-Also on my flight yesterday back from Maui to SFO? Charlie Murphy. No I did NOT talk to him, but him it definitely was, wearing a baby blue Ecko t-shirt, enormous gold medallion, with young child (presumably son) in tow playing GameBoy Advance. He was sitting next to us in the airport lounge, and my brother noticed him, talking on the phone; all I heard was him say "character" a bunch. Before getting on the plane he put on stlyishly PoMo glasses and a straw fedora-type hat. Yes, of course he flew first class.
-My father is a member of United's Red Carpet Club, by virtue of spending pretty much every other month flying somewhere else in the world far away. Anyhow, it's actually pretty nice in a not-totally-ostentatious way - free snack food (same party mix, and also Camembert), and the day's papers.
I should note that I was in pretty much a media blackout in Hawai'i; I heard that the Kobe case ended, that the Orioles put together a shitty losing streak followed by a smaller win streak, and that's about it.
So I ravenously devoured, mostly the NYT but also the SF Chronicle Book Review.
God, I just should've stayed in Hawai'i.
Shit is STILL bad. Worse, even. As y'all have been still plugged in, I won't bother searching back through for old news stories, but seriously, a li'l recap?

  1. ANOTHER hurricane in Florida
  2. Vlad Putin says Russia is at "open war"; hundreds, prolly thousands dead in a week
  3. Temporary ceasing of suicide bombings in Israel over; 16 dead, hundred or so injured
  4. Bush with double digit lead (outliers to be sure, but still...AGGGHH)
  5. Yup, still people getting slaughtered in Sudan. Oh, and also a plague of locusts is descending on the rest of the continent in and above the Sahara. I mean, what else can you say? FUCKING LOCUSTS, MAN!
Quick, somebody tell me something good, like there's a new world out there we might be able to move to...

be happy you're not working on a shitty state senate race in colorado.
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