Sports Failure Sunday

A Bad Day for Sports.

-The Washington NFL team of which I am a fan played an absolutely epically atrocious game (seven [7] turnovers, one of them an interception in the end zone; a dropped touchdown pass; a missed field goal; lotsa stupid false starts; a lackluster game by their star running back) and yet managed to only lose 20-14 to the New York Football Giants. This means two things:
  1. The Washington NFL team of which I am a fan is not quite there yet, and
  2. The New York Football Giants are really, really, really bad. I mean BAD.
Washington's defense was very good, as almost all of the New York Football Giants' points came off turnovers, and they were consistently stopped on offensive opportunities, giving the Washington offense more opportunities to fuck up.

-The United States is, as I write this, in the process of being spanked in the Ryder Cup. This is not due to Phil Mickleson switching clubs last week - it is due to The United States' captain, Hal Sutton, being a total dickhead. I am a fan of professional golf, though hardly an expert, but this was something that was obvious even to me before this tournament - really, it's nice that each pretty good PGA player gets a chance to captain the Ryder Cup as a 50th birthday present, but is there any question whatsoever that Jack Nicklaus, or Johnny Miller, or a half dozen other old pros who are smart about golf, universally respected/revered by current players AND, as a bonus, not dickheads, would be better?
I thought not.

-The Orioles lost to the Twins. But really, this isn't the worst thing ever, as they still managed to take the series from the Twins, in Minnesota, and the season is over as far as the O's are concerned.

In other news, an actual headline at washingtonpost.com currently reads:
Sudan May Face Sanctions
MAY?! MAY?!?!?!
Good God, what does it take these days to actually get yourself sanctioned?

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