Boondocks Madness

As Weingarten mentioned in his chat Tuesday, the WaPo scrapped the whole week's Boondocks, running an old series in its place. The whole week is funny, but there is one IWGL strip, one of the funniest I've seen of any comic in a while - and this includes a superlative couple of weeks of "Get Fuzzy."

Good for McGruder for getting his ass bounced by the Post, and reminding the 18 of us who still read these things that they're a bunch of sissies. I think the Daily News jumped on the "we don't want to call 'em niggas" bandwagon too.

A quick other Boondocks aside, with Jazmine back, it's nice to see him playing with some of the other characters again. I always liked the bent he had in the beginning, with a larger, Bloom County-esque cast of characters instead of just being "Angry Aaron McGruder speaking through Huey on today's headlines". Jazmine as the naive tragic mulatto and that idiot white chick she hangs out with at school as the girl-who-learned-about-black-people-on-MTV made it better. And finally - check out the size of Huey's hand in panel 2 of today's strip. Wtf? It looks like that Foo Fighters video where Grohl bitch-slaps his way through his dreams.
Not the first time the Post has declined to run the Boondocks. It's why I keep reading it.
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