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-So based on this trailer and the film's PG rating, it would seem that "Finding Neverland" might not be getting at the...um...full reality of J.M. Barrie's life (i.e., maybe leaving out the whole part about pedophilia and such). Usually one expects more of Johnny Depp, and generally he's good for it.

-It's such a wonderful thing when actors can find roles that they, and only they, can inhabit entirely - that it seems like their entire career up to that point has been leading to. Thus it is so with Wesley Snipes, who will give it yet another amazing go as Blade in "Blade Trinity." Really, nobody else could play this part, and it's pretty fantastic that there even IS a part that can be perfectly fulfilled by Snipes' acting...ummm...no, talents isn't quite the right word...ah, acting characteristics, that's better.

-Not a great trailer (i.e., good, but better if you don't already know that it's actually being made), but it's an early one, and any little taste that I can get of "Batman Begins" is a good one.

-I'm really not sure what to make of "I Heart Huckabee's"; I mean, I really like David O. Russell, and the cast is just ridiculous, and there was a...mostly annoying feature on it in the NYT this weekend. I'll definitely see it, as the potential for this film is far greater than with most films. We'll see.

-"Sideways", however: this looks good. Same director as "Election" and "About Schmidt," and what looks to be going on with this film is a pretty common story with directors of highly ironic and dark comedies - eventually, they get tired of being snide (albeit funny) assholes all the time, and actually make a film with some real human feeling and chance for redemption in it. Which usually ends up pretty good, as hope is a powerful inspiring force.

I think Naomi Watts is really hot.
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