You read it here first

Okay, maybe not first, but Degsy is calling the shots as he sees them:

ALCS: Yankees over the A's in 5.
NLCS: Cardinals over the Marlins in 4.
World Series: Cards over Yanks in 6.

AL East: Orioles finish third for ... what, the 12th straight year?

Fuck the Yankees. But to make sure my dear readers know where I stand: fuck the Red Sox, too. Yankee fans don't deserve anything, and there's nothing more satisfying to non-Bostonians than to watch their city fail again and again at sports. Like Philly.

Actually - the O's are going to improve upon their last several years of fourth-place finishes by finishing third.

And they did go wire-to-wire less than 10 years ago. And should've won the 1996 World Series, but for fucking Jeff Maier (I know it was the ALCS, but still, damnit...)

Also - Philly's collapse is delicious. But I have to strenuously disagre with the Marlins pick - they're not making the playoffs. Atlanta will take the Cards to seven games, flip a coin for the winner.

The Yankees will not make the World Series.
This year, the Yankees are sure to make it far enough to eliminate the Red Sox, so if the Sox get good again, the Yanks'll make the Series. If the Sox continue sucking, the Yankees will still make the Series, but I'll be much less amused.
What dear friends of the relentlessly endearing Cubbies? They of the incredible pitching rotation, and more than serviceable lineup. Plus, I'm sick of the stupid Braves. Plus, and this is my own bias....what of the lovable Twins. Right...they will lose, because that is the fate of any and every team for which I cheer (see childhood of Browns fandom). Except when I was a Bulls fan...that was fucking sweet.
Huh? Why would Orioles fans hate the Phillies? I don't think the Yankees will win the World Series, but I do think they'll go.
No no, this O's fan isn't hating Philly. I'm just saying they continue to fail. As for the NLCS match-up, I am disgusted by the possibility of the Braves making it to the NLCS. They were supposed to win the NL East for the last time last year. And Big Nick is from there. But I can't pick the Phillies, because that would contradict my statement about them failing (although making it to either championship series and then losing is a pretty dramatic way to fail (see: 2003 ALCS)). So I have to pick the Marlins. Plus my grandma loves the Marlins, and I love her.
And it would be nice to see the Cubs in the NLCS for the sheer Nomaaaah factor. So maybe the Cubs.
This O's fan *does* hate Philly. Because Philadelphia asks for it, in so many ways, and since the Phillies happen to be from there, they get it.

And Degnan - you can't let your heart (i.e., hoping the Braves are done) overrule your mind (i.e., seeing that the rest of the N.L. East is sucking).

I used to have the same hopes and dreams, but now find it far more entertaining to see the hopes and dreams of the N.L. repeatedly crushed by the Braves. I'm an A.L. man, so I get off on that.

And the CUBS?!? C'mon...did you see their series against the Cards? Jeez...
Goddamn. The Orioles are on their longest win streak (eight games) in five years. They are seven games back from the wild card and 17-9 since the All-Star break.
I've got to agree with JKD....Marlins aren't going to do it. Not the A's either. But the Cards are hot baby. And the Orioles too, for some reason.
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