So in the changeover, it seems we also lost a week or so's worth of posts. Strange.
Looking back over them, though...well, worse things have happened.
I've been suffering something like information overload lately - not where it makes me anxious (consumer society and politics take care of that - more on that topic to follow), but just to the point where words kind of whiz by without leaves imprints or effects.
I've also been reading, lately, books that take place in the early-to-mid 20th century, and there's probably a twinge of regret for things lost there.
One thing I do wonder - I always romanticize the 1930s American tub-full-of-beers (a la The Shawshank Redemption), but then I think about it, and that was pretty much before preservatives (I think - right? correct me if I'm wrong about this), so beer probably got skunked pretty quick. And maybe Miller Lite really isn't that bad? I dunno. This thread fell apart from lack of care. Carry on.

Miller Lite is still really bad, no matter how discombobulated you feel at the time. Yes, I finally used discombobulated, and possibly even spelled it right. Hell yeah.
Miller Lite is bad, true, but so is Amstel Light. In a blind taste test you, too, will learn one is not much shittier than the other.

Speaking of blind taste tests, I would like to set up the elimination tournament of blind bad beer tasting so people finally realize that beers like Amstel Light, Honey Brown, and Rolling Rock aren't that good. I'd even say PBR is only slightly worse than Amstel (much like Miller Lite).
PBR>Miller Lite>Amstel Lite>Bud Light


High Life>Coors Lite>Genny>Beast

I really, really do like Pabst. This is not ironic; I really think it's the best cheap/lite/light beer, think it holds up at almost any temperature/level of carbonation (see Review, Oberlin, experiments in flat morning beer), and would always genuinely prefer PBR to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I am not wrong about this.
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