Ridiculously Hilarious "Daily Show" Bit

Samantha Bee's report tonight on the "Daily Show" had one IAGL moment; this guy in Connecticut had a city water pipe burst, which broke his sewage line. He thinks they should pay for it; they won't. His sewage doesn't work. So he is protesting by going and using the toilet at City Hall every day. And so:
SB: You're pooping for what's right.
Guy: Yeah, you could say that.
SB: It's what Gandhi would've done
Guy: If he'd been eating.
That is FUNNY.

UPDATE: Jon Stewart is hounding Ed Gillespie, as Kerry was on last night - Stewart asks, "Where's your guy?" Gillespie offers this lame "I'll put in a good word," answer, and Stewart calls him on it, saying, "No you won't."
Stewart is holding Gillespie to the flame - saying SBVFT are lying; asking incredulously, "Are you sure you want to bring that up?" when Gillespie trys to plug www.kerryoniraq.com, and saying it was Bush who, you know, actually brought us into the Iraq war.
Finally, Stewart says in another attempt to get Bush on the show - "I promise I'll be a pussy."
But of course, BC04 is probably more terrified of Jon Stewart than any other potential interviewer. And with good reason, as he's the only interviewer out there who isn't actually a pussy.

Though I have no doubt that Jon Stewart is liberal, I think he would give W a fair shake. He is a good interviewer and would be pretty fair, all things considered. And of course it would be very funny (not like "George Bush is being stupid" funny, but like "Jon Stewart is making jokes that both I and George Bush are finding funny" funny).

Still, not gonna happen. I don't think W's handlers are frightened of Jon Stewart, I think they're frightened by the format -- frightened by the potential for Stewart to make an hilarious joke that goes right over W's head, frightened by random, off-topic questions ... that sort of thing.
Funny, this girl's writing and personality seems like the female equivalent of yours: www.livejournal.com/users/thebitingfaery
Make of it what you will...
There was a NYT article (sunday's I think) about the rise in comedy and politics and the left. Talking about Will Farrell's ACT comercial, the shift away from "W is stupid jokes" to "W is a real ass and sucks and is stupid" jokes, but also a lot about John Stewart and how he's using the show a lot more to advance an opinion while still being funny. What I got from the article was: good comedy shows use bits that are picked up by the main stream- if its on a comedy show its general accepted as a recognized stereotype. And "W is stupid" is what it used to be but now its "W sucks, led us into this crappy ass war, and ruined our country"
not that this is particularly on-topic, but can i talk for a second about the NYPD stepping up to the plate on this whole RNC spontaneous protester thing? the days of joining en masse to get a point across are *over*, as i witnessed last night while accidentally too close to the core of the the police state (and/or death star) and watched the boys in blue break out the plastic-cuffs and effin' dragnet nets (i didn't even know they made those in real life) to take care of the legion of kids on bikes getting the first wave of we-hate-the-RNC protests on. you know it's the end of august when you're watching someone with an extra-long tonfa in the back of their neck (they make those now too, in a stylish kahki instead of the traditional black) while getting the two-cents-a-pop plastic-cuffs tossed on them, while being watched by the triangulating helicopters floating above madison square garden. i'm just saying, but anyone who wants to make a point should be tagging the city instead of getting tagged and bagged by the cops. of course friday nonwithstanding, the march on sunday should be a nice little party.
i'll be working in midtown all week long, across from two of the main RNC hotels, so if you want to send xanax or whiskey, ship it c/o 1700 b'way, 10019...
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