A question:

in the hypothetical (or, as the case may be, not, though I think I know this blog's readership pretty well) circumstance that you have a child, what sport are they pressured/encouraged to play?

a) football american
b) baseball
c) soccer
d) basketball
e) other
f) no sport at all

There is a correct answer to this question, which I've already composed. After y'all e-mail me with your opinions at mingle08 AT hailmail DOT net I will let you know what that is.

Preface: I know the correct answer, yet I have not let in inform my opinion. I also believe this question is good fodder for comments. (Aside: I will look into how we may incorporate actual polls in this blog.)

My answer: baseball, clearly, with a possible exception for Ultimate depending on the status of youth Ultimate at the time. Baseball is the best, with soccer being a close second. The thing is, everyone plays baseball. Rich kids, poor kids, fast kids, fat kids. And I loved it. There is no more horrific feeling at age 11 than hearing the crack of an aluminum bat and seeing a ball sreaming towards you. There is no better feeling than the successful resolution and triumph over that horror. And I haven't even talked about offense yet! Case closed.
Baseball or ultimate.

Baseball for the history that can easily be taught with it. Integration. Racism. Poverty. Immigration. Geography. Also it's a game that suggests that sports is both athletic and mental. Finally baseball is the best sport to fall asleep listening to as a child. It fills the summer with this wonderful soundtrack.
Wow. Clearly the gender of the child is important. I was forced to play softball and it was fucking awful. Basically all the pressure is on one person at a time. Which, if you suck at softball, is an incredibly scarring experience for a dorky little 9 year old girl. Besides that, there's little to no exercise to be had AT ALL when they put you in deep deep deep left field for the whole inning. Its a horrible thing to do to a child.
Soccer. No question. Team oriented, lots of running around, little pressure, and orange slices afterwards.
Damnit Degnan, I was trying to do something with this - I didn't want contaminate people's opinions with a back and forth, I wanted to wait for responses and then decree from on high the correct answer to shame all who are wrong.

I'll still wait a while to post my response, though.
Ha ha. I contributed to the contaminating causerie! So sorry. Please, continue with the pontificating... :)
A decree from on high from JKD....I'll believe that when I see it. Seriously when does JKD ever pontificate and declare fact. Well there was that one time, when he refused to believe that any other American band was better than CCR. Not that I can find a better one, but still. Jerkface.

Leavy, it's not that there isn't any American band better than CCR.

It's that there is one, and only one, correct answer to the following question:

What is the greatest American rock band?
(weighing every word of that question - 'greatest', 'American', 'rock', 'band')

The answer is, of course, CCR. There is no arguing about this. The only other potentially correct answer is Nirvana, but they are disqualified as it hasn't been long enough to correctly gauge their overall impact. It's possible and perhaps even probable that they will in time overtake CCR, but for now: CCR.
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