Holy Freakin' Crap

Iraq beat Portugal 4-2 at the Olympics; this despite a 13th minute own-goal by Iraq. So Portugal - who made the finals of Euro 2004 a couple of weeks ago - managed to score one goal, giving up 4, to a team whose country is, you know, at war and in total chaos.

Oh, and btw - yeah, I know the Olympics don't start until tomorrow. That's true. Except for soccer, which started yesterday. Which is stupid.

i thought soccer started early 'cause it's so damn good, it doesn't care when the rest of the olympics start. let's not forget the US women's team already buried Greece 3-0 (raise your hand if you're surprised).
OT: my summer league team sucks balls, in every way. Bad name, bad captain, bad color, bad at frisbee. What a waste of time and money.
On T: Haha, the Guardian headline for this story currently reads "Iraq's weapons of pass destruction (Sorry - Ed.) enabled them to play petulant Portugal off the park." Maybe I should move to London.
If Iraq continues to play well....will NBC cover it with the soft focus, slow pan that they use for American stories?

Also, who is going to light the torch now that the 200m champ is in the hospital.

Quote on NPR from an anonymous Greek woman regarding the scandals from Greece today: "We greeks have always been able to gouge out our own eyes." That's wonderful
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