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Just a reminder, kids:


-The new album by Cake, Pressure Chief, comes out on October 5.
-The (amazing and beautiful) film about Andy Goldsworthy, Rivers and Tides, (finally) comes out on DVD on September 28.


-Cribbing entirely from King Kaufman (again) - George Carlin and Thomas Boswell are still right.

Kaufman is also entirely right when he says (talking about ESPN):
It's not like I pine for the old days of some jowly ex-jock in a plaid sport coat reading the scores. I like hip, irreverent and funny. And unlike a lot of sports fans I don't particularly miss "The Big Show," which I enjoyed at the time but didn't think it was anything to build a lifestyle around or anything.

But I do want to just once watch a Padres-Pirates highlight without wanting to throw something at the TV, you know?



Crazy in the coconut.


-Speaking of crazy: crazy CRAZY crowds for Kerry/Edwards. 20,000 in Kansas City. Which, either way you put it, is in either -

a) Kansas, or
b) Missouri

Neither of which are, how shall we say, hotbeds of progressive activism. So, there's that.

Rivers and Tides is the most calm and wonderful movie I've ever seen. I shall own it!
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