130,000 Condoms in Athens

How does that grab ya, conservative America?

Thanks to the in-depth coverage of ESPN's Page Two, I read this little bit:
Countries: 199

Officials: 3,000

Athletes: 10,500

Condoms, courtesy of Durex: 130,000

Tubes of lubricant: 30,000


"There's a lot of sex going on," javelin thrower Breaux Greer told Men's Journal. "You get a lot of people who are in shape and, you know, testosterone's up and everybody's attracted to everybody."
I guess so.

This is really an hilarious article. Go check it out.

This is a story that's written every Olympics, about how Olympic athletes make like bunnies; I remember some sanitation worker in Norway talking about the incredible increase in the number of condoms in the sewers during the '94 games.
Well, duh.
Lessee...how about we throw together a couple of thousand ridiculously fit young people in a confined space (i.e., the Olympic Village, a kind of hyper-compressed version of college dorm life) and subject them to enormous amounts of physical, mental and emotional pressure and stress over a two-week period...yeah, I think there might be a little of the sex going on.
Like a presidential campaign..except the people are fit, and less neurotic.
Please remember that there's a very LARGE population of Americans who are terribly embarrassed and enraged by absolutely everything our current fucked-up, gluttonizing administration is doing. We're pissed, and they're trying to cover our mouths every day. The upcoming election is going to be scary and violent, I guarantee it-- we even have organizations training in self-defense and retaliation for upcoming protests. Yeah, it's come to that.

But getting back to your point: GO, SEX, GO! I wanna hear exclusives on after-hours orgies. I know I'll be holding up my end from here...
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