"A Uniter, Not a Divider"

Great post at dKos on exactly how divisive C-Plus Augustus is:
The NAACP said Bush is the first president since Warren G. Harding not to meet with the group while in office.
Jeebus, man. That's some shit. First since Harding?

What's also remarkable about that is that, if you think about all the presidents since Harding - save Reagan, and Bush the Elder - is how many pushed forward civil rights, against strong opposition and contrary to their background (Truman; Johnson; etc.).

When Adolph Coors, Jr. - the patriarch of the Coors family, big-time supporters of Republicans and screeching far-right politics - died a few years back, I heard an interview with an historian on NPR. The historian said that Coors basically thought the 20th century was a bad idea. You know - outlawing child labor, giving women the vote, civil rights, all that shit.

That is where this administration's ideas come from.

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