Lance Armstrong = Bad Mofo

So Lance is gonna win. Just better than anyone else.
I was reading today's "USA Today" (shaddup!) at lunch today, and unfortunately I can't find the article online. There was a great passage that described yesterday's time trial, where Armstrong started a minute or so behind Ivan Basso (that's how time trials work - the leader starts last, etc.), and then after pumping real hard up what is apparently the toughest mountain in Europe, he sat down, finished his water and passed a "struggling" Basso, "inadvertantly" tossing the empty water bottle behind him.
Inadvertant my foot. When you're the best, and you know it, and some punk kid pretends for a little while like he can hang with you, you're gonna rub it in damn hard just how wrong he was. By, for instance, sitting down and tossing your water bottle to the ground as you pass a guy on the toughest climb of the race. Sitting down.
He did a similar thing a couple years ago with a Spanish rival of his, and that evening his rival conceded that at that momen, he "knew he was beat." Mind you, the race was still officially going on.
Lance Armstrong is ridiculous.
And no, I don't think he's doping. Just everyone else in the sport. I'm being serious, on both counts.

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