Cuter than cannibals

And, now, something for those for whom cannibalism is somewhat less than spirit-lifting (JKD, feel free to skip this post).

I'm hoping, by now, you've all heard about seeing-eye ponies? Miniature horses trained as guide animals for the vision impaired? Among the ponies’ strong suits, apparently, are their long lifespan, calm nature, great memory, excellent vision, focused demeanor, safety consciousness, high stamina and good manners. Additionally, being seeing-eye ponies "help[s] the tiny horses by providing them with a higher-purpose in life."

Also, they wear sneakers to protect their delicate pony feet. Which is just supercute. Seriously. A miniature pony, trotting down the street, wearing Stride Rite sneakers?

If that doesn't warm your heart, even a little, then you're a terrible person.

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