This week's chat and column - both written by his son, Dan. Pretty funny. Also:

Cabin John, Md.:
Secret Guest Host:
Could you post a link to the Saturday, June 19 "B.C.", just to get everyone supremely angry at Hart once and for all, and get his butt booted off the WaPo's comics page? This is really, really disgraceful; he wasn't content to stop at racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic strips -- he really felt he needed to add homophobic to that list.
I know this isn't particularly funny, but neither is Hart, and we need to get him off the comics page.

Dan Weingarten: I will just put this out there. Beware, the one in question is Saturday's, not Sunday's. Click back one. My father and I are not sure whether the poster is right here or not.

In way of response - of COURSE I'm right. Hart's intention is to deride both sets of behaviors. This is neither funny nor acceptable.

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