Yes, sports. Wonderful, wonderful sports. however much they hurt your hipster credentials, you know you love sports.

In what must be considered a pretty major coup, the WaPo seems to have scooped ESPN on the Stevie Franchise/T-Mac trade. Big news. The trade will be:
Under the terms of the trade, the Magic will send guard McGrady, forward Juwan Howard and guard Tyronn Lue to the Rockets for Francis, guard Cuttino Mobley and center Kelvin Cato, said the source.
With all the peripheral players involved, this is a trade that ends up making a lot of sense for both teams. The Rockets must've realized that Francis - though a very good and highlight-reel-producing player, wasn't a good fit with Yao. He shoots and misses too much, and likes driving the basket to put up ridiculous shots that fall not often enough, instead of handing it off to Yao for dunks. T-Mac gives them a more reliable scorer from 15-20 feet, allowing Yao to continue to develop/dominate on the low post. Oh, and T-Mac also gives them another 12 ppg; it's like having another player out there.

Plus, I never much liked Cuttino Mobley. Lue gives the Rockets a good second point guard; they would be well advised to go and get another solid point.

For the Magic, the deal also makes all sorts of sense - T-Mac wasn't happy, and getting Juwan Howard off the books is pretty much always a good thing (despite the fact that he's a pretty good player). The combination of Francis, Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson (a freakin' STEAL at No. 22) and Drew Gooden gives them an explosive young team that will be dunking all over the chumpy Eastern Conference. Yes, the Pistons won, but the East are still chumps. Sorry.

The Orioles have a one-game winning streak. So shaddup.

In today's WaPo, there is the last in a long three-part series on what friggin' assholes MLB (and, specifically, Bud Selig) are RE: DC Baseball. Parts one and two.

If you like tennis, then this is good news: Serena Williams and Jennifer Capriati get to play each other again. Granted, it's only the quarterfinals (Capriati's been playing poorly lately, and so was the 7th seed coming in), but this is one of the better matchups out there. Capriati is, and has been for a while, my favorite player - when she's on, there's really nobody that can beat her, not the Williams sisters at their best, not the Belgians. Maybe Navritalova at her best; prolly Steffi Graf. But really, almost nobody, ever.

But she's so rarely really at her best; she's kind of a head case, which I like more than the passionless automaton dominace of Pete Sampras. In a similar vein, Andre Agassi was always better than Sampras (the best ever, by far) when he brought his A-game - he just didn't do it that often.

This is why I've never like Tiger but love Phil Mickelson, and Greg Norman - they're so good but show the most human characteristics (e.g., nervousness, hubris) at the worst times.


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