My mom needs your help!

So, my mom is having a problem at work, and she needs YOUR help.

She's putting together an exhibit on the Burr-Hamilton duel, and one piece of it is showing "modern day" examples of comments that would inspire a duel among prominent political figures. Right now, she only has examples of mean things Dems have said about Republicans.

"He's a goddamned shift-eyed liar." Truman, on Nixon
"They're the most crooked, lying group I've ever seen." Kerry, on the Bush administration

She wants to be even handed...so here's where YOU come in. She's looking for statements made by conservatives or Republicans, that "impugn the honor" of a liberal or a Democrat.

So, in the comments, please post your favorite, most mudslingest, nastiest comment by Trent, Newt, O'Reilly, the Bushies, Limbaugh, etc., as well as the date it was said, and if possible, a verifying source.

If your submission gets picked, not only will it be part of the exhibit, but ALSO, I will bake you a batch of your favorite cookies and ship them to you, anywhere in the United States.

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